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The 7 Major Chakras

How do chakras work? Are my chakras open? What do chakras do?

First- Root chakra


Is situated at the root or base of the body at the pelvic floor. It relates to our physical functioning- the quantity of physical energy and vitality that we have. Collectively we can call it lifeforce. It is associated with the energy of the sympathetic nervous system (read fight/flight response)

Energy of the 1st chakra relates to our adrenal glands, bladder, genitals, legs and spine. Sense of smell. Earth element


Second -Sacral Chakra


Is located one of your hand widths below your navel. It is associated with your unique personality and giving and receiving physical and sexual pleasure. The front body relates to your quality of connection in relationships. The back body at the sacrum relates to the quantity of that energy - to the power or emphasis given to pleasure for yourself and with others. 

Energy of the 2nd chakra relates to the urogenital system including the ovaries, testes, kidneys and pelvis. Sense of taste. Water element


Third ~ Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra


Alternately placed at the navel or the solar plexus. To be clear there are chakras at both of those locations. The third chakra connects the emotions of the second chakra to the energy of the heart. It gives us a framework to create and build our beliefs ~ our reality. It relates to the energy of who we feel we are and how we fit in the world. At the solar plexus this view is more egocentric or I oriented. The evolving dominance is at the navel and is more about how we are all connected. The back of this chakra is associated with our intentionality to our health and our own healing. There is an evolutionary shift as to which of these chakras is more dominant for us that is in the works. Classically Americans have been more solar plexus focused while many European and Asian cultures are navel chakra dominant.

Energy of the 3rd chakra relates to the stomach, gallbladder, liver, spleen, pancreas and diaphragm. Sense of sight. Fire element.


Fourth - Heart Chakra


Located at the center of the chest between the breasts in the front body and between the shoulder blades in the back body. The fourth or heart chakra bridges the energy between the three lower physical chakras and the three upper spiritual chakras. It relates to the energy of compassion and universal love. The front is about feeling and giving that energy while the back is more about allowing that energy to be received and feeling the support of that energy. 

The fourth chakra energy relates to the heart, lungs, thymus gland and our circulatory system. Sense of touch, space element


Fifth -Throat Chakra


Located in the throat. The front of the chakra relates to being able to speak up for oneself and take responsibility for your needs ~ to speaking your truth. The back of the 5th chakra is about our sense of being in the society in which we live and the profession we are in.

It relates to the throat, thyroid gland, upper lungs. Sense of hearing, Air element


Sixth - Third Eye Chakra


Located between the eyebrows. It relates to cognition ~ including experiences beyond the scope of our five senses, ideas, creativity, higher ideals and information. In the front body it relates to understanding concepts while in the back body more to implementing those concepts.

It relates to the pituitary gland, the lower brain, left eye, nose, spine, ears.


Seventh - Crown Chakra


At the top of the head, this is your connection to the Divine. The experience of spirituality in its pure form outside of structures, organizations, dogma and rules is associated with this center. It relates to our unique and integrated wholeness of inner peace and universal truth. 

It relates to the upper brain, pineal gland, right eye, the ability of speech.

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