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Alternative medicine was initially used to describe any medical treatment that was different from traditional medicine. However, as more medical schools and hospitals are utilizing alternative approaches to healing our definition of alternative keeps changing. What used to be outside of mainstream medicine is now being embraced as complementary to medicine and included in an integrative way.


Energy healing and healing with hands are different ways to describe working with the human energy field so that we are at our optimum. Being at our best requires that we include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as a synergistic whole. Reiki healing is the ultimate integrative healing modality working with all aspects of our being and supporting all other medical and healing modes.

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Susan has been studying energy healing and alternative medicine practices for more than 3 decades. She is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, has a diploma in Brennan Healing Science and is among the first 15 laypeople certified to perform Soul and Life Force Retrieval ritual in the Bön lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Her expertise in energy healing has been shared in practice and teaching in hospitals, clinics and hospice.

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Learn More About the History Of Reiki

Late in the nineteenth century, Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar, began an intensive study of energy, consciousness, healing and spiritual practices. Usui is believed to have tirelessly researched energy healing and brought his discoveries to Japan early in the previous century. While studying in Tibet, Usui learned practices using sacred symbols and mantras to connect to specific qualities of energy ~ energy that is healing and supports spiritual growth.

The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness

2016 Documentary

Bruce Lipton, PhD - Developmental biology

Beverly Rubik, PhD - Biophysics

Lynne McTaggart - Journalist and researcher

Candace Pert, phD - Neuroscience and pharmacology

Hyla Cass - Physician and psychiatrist

Bruce Lipton, PhD - Developmental biology

Beverly Rubik, PhD - Biophysics

Lynne McTaggart - Journalist and researcher

Candace Pert, phD - Neuroscience and pharmacology

Hyla Cass - Physician and psychiatrist

Bruce Lipton

In today’s world of healthcare there are two different models of how the human biology works. One of them is based on the physical reality that everything in the universe is made out of matter. This is the Newtonian view that conventional medicine works with. The view basically says that the body is a machine, it’s made out of chemicals and genes, and that if there is anything wrong with the machine, you actually adjust the chemicals and genes as the primary source of the problem.


Another view is based on quantum physics that says that the universe is actually made out of energy and everything that we see as matter is itself actually energy. The significance of the difference between the two is invisible forces play a primary role in the new understanding of biology in the new energy medicine. Energy becomes entangled. Meaning everything that is made out of energy becomes entangled you can’t separate it. So that says when we’re looking at an individuals life we’re not just looking at their physical body. But we’re looking at their health in regard to what their perceptions of the world are, their family relationships, their job relationships, world issues at that moment because everything impinges on their health.


Dr. Beverly Rubik

The old medicine is not helping us during this era where chronic degenerative disease is the major culprit. It’s perfect for things like trauma or infectious diseases, but very limited in terms of dealing with our chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer and heart disease. And it’s also unsustainable. It is way too costly. It is simply not helping people. They are getting horrendous side effects. In fact one of the number one causes of death is death by medicine. And so we drastically need something bigger and better.


And one of the changes is that enhanced self care moves to the forefront of the new medicine. That people need to take more self responsibility for their health and wellness. So it sort of turns the pyramid upside down where self care was sort of brushed aside by the old conventional paradigm it comes into the forefront.


Lynn McTaggart

The new medicine is all about looking at the body as a dynamic system. And understanding that if you affect one part of the body you affect the rest of it. You put medicine on your arm and you create changes in your leg, in your liver, everywhere. So the new approach is to approach the body as a holistic system, and also an energy system. And so we don’t have to do things grossly to our physicality. We can treat ourselves through energy. And treat ourselves through things that we can’t really see.


Dr Candace Pert

In the history of medicine, mind, emotion, spirit was completely left out. This is the western mainstream medicine as we know it. This came from a silly thing from when Descartes was given the dead bodies by the pope to work on. So everything about mainstream medicine is sort of lifeless. What’s happening now, what’s so exciting, is to incorporate the new paradigm ideas into medicine. Not just that mind matters, but mind is really central to our health and our disease.



Probably since Newton and Descartes magic and mysticism has been ripped out of our lives. And there has been an enormous separation between science and religion. However with the discoveries made since Einstein and the advent of quantum physics we’ve understood that the world is very different than what we were told. There is magic. There is connection between all things. 



Today’s view of genetics has completely changed. The old view, of which I trained in and taught medical students, was a view called genetic determinism. This is the belief that the genes control your traits, not just your structural, but your physical, emotional and behavioral traits as well. So that our lives are a printout of our genetic lineage. 


There is a new science today called epigenetics. I first saw the nature of epigenetics 40 years ago when I was culturing stem cells. I had genetically identical cells in three dishes, but changed the environment in each dish. In one dish they formed muscle, in one dish the cells formed bone. In the third dish they formed fat cells. The important point was all the cells were genetically identical, Their fates were controlled by the environment.


Today this new understanding of environmental control over genes is called epigenetic control...

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