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Free Live Webinar

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How To Open and Energize Your Chakras


In this Webinar, you will learn

  • What chakras are

  • How chakras work

  • The importance and power of breath

  • How to direct energy in your body

  • How to release unwanted energy

  • Basic energy anatomy

  • The relationship between chakras and energy channels

  •  And empowering practices that you can do for yourself


Susan Chiocchi is a Certified Reiki Master Healer, has a diploma in Brennan Healing Science and is Certified to perform Soul and Life Force Retrieval Ritual in the Bön lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. She has maintained a private energy healing practice for more than 20 years. She teaches energy healing to private students and in hospital and clinical settings. She has been an instructor for the Urban Zen Integrated Therapist program in NY and teaches energy anatomy for yoga schools internationally.

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"Her instruction maintains a deep respect for Eastern philosophy while allowing room for each student to personalize their own understanding. Her presence exudes a quite power that comes through in her personal expression, educational style, and practice. Whether a beginner or seasoned practitioner, working with Susan is sure to deepen your awareness, connectedness and skill."


"Susan is an inspirational teacher and powerful practitioner. Whether you’re looking for continuing education or personal development, I would highly recommend Susan to help you reach your goals."


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