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Confrere: from medieval Latin confrater - a brother or fellow. In the 15th century confraternity was a society devoted to a religious or charitable cause. Also, a fellow member of a profession, as in a colleague.  


This new offering will be a deep dive into energy healing and conscious awakening. It was inspired by requests from students, specifically, and by escalating world changes, generally. Along with the ongoing displacement from our familiar ways of being there is tremendous opportunity for revision on all levels of life. 



The RC Confrere is by invitation only, and currently available only to Reiki Masters with ReikiColorado training. By setting this up as a 10 month subscription it gives me the space to codify the teaching forms and prepare the support materials for practicum and tutorial sessions. It also allows me to invite and pay for guest teachers who are experts in different vantage points of energy healing. They love the idea of having the opportunity to work with advanced students with a sophisticated baseline and the desire and awareness to help others.

Reiki Master RC Confrere

Who Are We


Our general schedule will be to meet the 2nd Sunday of each month from 9am-noon. Meetings will be in person and online. We will have 3 basic forms: 

Practicum ~ hands on experiential learning with support materials

Tutorial ~ class style teaching with direct contact to the expert teacher, opportunities for Q&A and discussion and some experiential practices

Peer Support + Supervision ~ phone or Zoom format where cases and experiences can be shared and processed plus guidance from facilitator.     



The commitment will be for 10 months, September 2022- June 2023.  We will have one summer meeting. Cost for participation will be monthly payments of $54. For simplicity this will be set up as a reoccurring draft. I need a minimum of 10 participants. My commitment is to make this as enriching and timely as possible. I plan to record each confrere and make the video available with an unlisted YouTube link that will be shared with everyone after the class, once the video posts. This will both help you to review what was presented and is a way to view any sessions that are missed. 

First Confrere is Sunday, September 11, 2022

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