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Reiki Healing FAQ

Do I need to do anything prior to a Reiki healing session as preparation?

Once you plan to make an appointment to receive Reiki, you have already acknowledged an intention about your own healing. It can be helpful to reflect about what you would like to work on in a session, though on some level, conscious or unconscious, a healing template is already being created. You will be lying down to receive the energy work, so if eating right before lying down may be uncomfortable, time your meal accordingly. Please refrain from using perfume or scented toiletries. Wear comfortable clothes.

What if I am not sure if I believe in Reiki, will it still work?

Yes. I do not fully understand the relationship between belief, intention, openness, skepticism and curiosity. This is what I have observed: Being open and curious is helpful in making connection to the changes that occur with the energy work. Most people new to Reiki are pleasantly surprised at how much they notice energy phenomenon during a session. The validation of energy sensation that can accompany the work - both during and post a session, helps us to be receptive to  changes occurring. Change doesn’t have to be full of effort. Sometimes it’s about getting out of our own way. If you are not accustomed to noticing sensation on an energetic level receiving energy healing can be an enjoyable way to open up your perceptions.

What can I do during a Reiki session to make it more effective?

Be open. As hard as it may be to accept, we are often more attached to our ego identity than to being well. Meaning, that if some belief of who we think we are is causing us pain, we will choose to continue believing we exist - with the associated pain, rather than to release our belief - and the associated pain. Why would anyone do something so foolish you may wonder? Fear of nonexistence. And that moves us into spiritual territory.

Is there anything that I should do after receiving Reiki?

I recommend water. Drink more water and get in water~ Shower, bath, hot tub, swimming pool etc. Energy that is set in motion during session will continue to organize. That may mean that energy debris is sloughing out of your field. Water will help facilitate that process.

This can vary considerably. Generally I recommend doing three sessions over the course of 3 to 4 weeks in order to both clear and integrate what is set in motion in an initial session. This schedule is often enough to learn how you integrate new energy paradigms so that you can make informed decisions about when and how Reiki is needed. That said, everyone is amazingly unique and, of course, life is not evenly paced. I have clients that I see on a weekly basis when there are a lot of changes in their lives, and clients that I see occasionally on an as needed basis.

How many sessions will it take to address my needs?

Does doing a Reiki training change how I would experience a Reiki session?

Absolutely. The connection to healing energy is greatly amplified. Energy is stronger, builds more quickly and integrates in the recipient’s field more deeply.

Is Reiki in conflict with any religions?

No. Reiki is a form of energy healing. We are energy beings. Reiki does not require a belief system or dogma. In clinical trials that have been successfully repeated hundreds of times, skeptical lab technicians were taught basic energy healing techniques. They practiced on lab mice. Whether or not the technician believed the energy healing would work had no impact on the positive outcomes. The belief systems of the mice were not included in the studies.

Can a energy healer perceive personal or private information about me?

Sometimes. First know that everything that happens in an energy healing session is confidential. Second, if your healer has access to what you may consider secret or private, know that most healers get into this kind of work for a living because they cannot NOT know that type of information. So their read of you is not so different than their ability to read whomever they are in contact with. Though it may seem extraordinary to you it is their normal way of being in the world. Many healers had a phase in their lives trying to shut this excessive information down. They become healers when they choose to do something useful with it.

Can a Reiki practitioner read past lives?

Yes, this is more rare than messages from deceased loved ones. Some Reiki practitioners have the ability to read the relevant karma or past life influences that are currently impacting a client. If the healing session is supported by this memory revealing, it will be available to those who can perceive this high vibration information. Not all Reiki practitioners resonate with this kind of reading of energy information.

Are Reiki practitioners medical mediums?

Some Reiki healers can pick up enough information in session to support the client in healing from medical issues. Often, a skilled energy healer can perceive imbalances that are too subtle or too early to register as significant symptoms or show up in diagnostic tests. Keep in mind that information about the energy body will not sound like a western diagnosis since the names for, descriptions and interpretations of diseases are conceptual. It is important to remember that Reiki does not replace regular medical care. Reiki can, however, work in an integrative or synergistic way with the medical and therapeutic care the client is receiving. 

How is Reiki different from a Crystal healing?

Crystals and minerals have unique energy properties. Used in proximity to the body the energy of a crystal influences the energy of the recipient. In a crystal healing crystals and minerals are layed on and near the body according to their specific properties and the specific energy needs of the client. Generally the crystals remain where they were placed for the entire session and the crystal healer does not touch the client. How well this works depends on the intuitive ability and energy reading skills of the practitioner. Reiki utilizes spiritually guided life force energy in addition to the energy of the crystals. A well trained Reiki practitioner will sense when the crystals have done their work and may change their placement throughout the healing session. This can be a very powerful combination. Well chosen crystals holding the energy of the new, emerging template while it integrates into the client’s energy body. This in turn allows the Reiki practitioner to proceed to other areas to work while the crystals provide their innate support.

How is Reiki different from someone who does an energy body read or scan?

A read is simply that, a read. An energy diagnosis is not an energy healing. Reiki practitioners read the energy field, then proceed to correct the imbalances. This may include connecting channels that are weak or disconnected, clearing energy debris, charging low energy areas and calming agitated energy. Chakras may be directly addressed and restored, corresponding brain functions balanced, subconscious information revealed, emotional charges neutralized, etc.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, Visa MasterCard, Discover or American Express. As well as PayPal and Venmo

Do you have a reschedule and cancellation policy?

Yes, please allow 24 hour notice by phone or email if you need to change your appointment.

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