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5 Energy Elements


Everything we know in the physical world can be reduced to its chemical building blocks or elements. These 118 elements are neatly arranged in the Periodic Table. In the realm of energy our experiences can be reduced to just 5 elements. Each of the five elements represents qualities that we are familiar with. They represent our energy. Energy is the template for thoughts, emotions and physical characteristics. Energy describes how we feel, learn, think and move through the world. 


When you are out of balance, the energy of the five elements is out of balance. By addressing the energy of the elements we work with the source. At the level of energy we work with our awareness and experience in their most changeable, shapeable states. Use the recorded Guided Meditations to shift your energy towards balance and harmony. Think of these short meditations like pushing the reset button on an electrical outlet. It can really happen that fast.


Guided Meditations:

Earth Element - Use this meditation when you lack confidence, feel ungrounded, flighty, nervous, spacey, anxious, unstable or agitated 


Water Element - Use this meditation when you lack joy, pleasure and comfort, you feel dissatisfied, flat or dry


Fire Element - Use this meditation when you lack spark and creativity, you need vitality, inspiration, joy, enthusiasm


Air Element - Use this meditation when your feel stuck, dull and slow, unable to change, repetitive, you hold on too long


Space Element - Use this meditation when everything seems too solid and overwhelming, small challenges seem unsurmountable, you feel trapped, confined, and have trouble retaining the energy of any of the other 4 elements

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