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Reiki Pilot Program


Susan Chiocchi with Chanda Hinton Leichtle, Executive Director and Founder of Chanda Plan Foundation and Virginia Carducci, ReikiColorado Practicum Coordinator

Reiki Colorado in conjunction with the Chanda Center for Health conducted a Reiki study for participants at the Center. The Chanda Center for Health is a non-profit organization serving people with physical disabilities from spinal cord injuries. Between October of 2017 and May of 2018 Reiki sessions were performed by Reiki Master students of Reiki Colorado. The results were profound.


Over the eight month course of the study 123 session were done. Participants reported their status before and after receiving each Reiki session. Thirteen qualitative symptom categories of reporting were chosen. That yielded almost 1600 potential reporting categories. Some of the categories were not applicable for every participant. For example, for many participants the category of phantom pain is not relevant. Thus, many of the reporting categories showed no change from before to after Reiki healing. Of the categories that did show change, in every circumstance the numerical value designated improvement. Except, in one category, in one session for one participant.

For the participant who reported what appears to be a negative response, an increase in nerve pain by a numerical value of 1 on a 10 measure scale, it is critical to note that this same participant reported a 4 point increase in positive well being for the same Reiki session. Here is the part that cannot be explained by the numbers: During the Reiki healing session, this participant felt their leg move for the first time since they had been wheelchair bound with no sensation in their legs. Along with the new sensation was nerve pain. And then it gets really interesting. The participant shared the experience with their Physical Therapist in their regular session. Consequently, the PT changed the protocol for their sessions. Within 3 weeks the participant was able to stand for the first time in 7 years.

Positive reporting in categories of stress reduction, reduced anxiety and pain, better strength and endurance were experienced by all of the participants in the study. Again, the really interesting stuff cannot be contained by the numbers. Participants reported better ability to track their body and their energy. As a result they are better able to manage their own self care. Issues that were not specifically targeted in the Reiki healing sessions improved as well. 


Following the positive outcome of the Reiki Pilot Study, students in the Reiki Master program with ReikiColorado were offered the opportunity to apply to obtain practicum experience at the Chanda Center for Health. Reiki healing sessions continued to be offered for participants at the Chanda Center until mid June of 2019. Students accrued up to 460 hours of experience and participants continued to benefit from receiving Reiki healing.


As of this writing, there is not funding to add Reiki healing as a paid modality at the Chanda Center for Health.

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