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In human energy a chakra is, ideally, a spinning vortex that allows energy to move in and out of the the energy field.

Chakras keep us in connection and communication with everything and everyone in our environment. Chakras are capable of instantaneous, dynamic change and can therefore fall out of equilibrium easily. When our chakras are not functioning well we get out of harmony and balance. If our chakras stay out of balance we develop disease. In a Reiki Chakra Healing the Reiki healer can perceive which chakras are not functioning correctly and correct the issues. Even chakras that have carried long standing dysfunction can be restored. And, while a Reiki Chakra Healing is listed here as a separate healing practice, it is part of the synergistic whole in a Reiki Healing session. A skillful Reiki energy healer can work with chakras and all the other aspects of human energy as an integrated whole.

Interested in a Reiki chakra Healing?

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