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Crystal Reiki® Healing

Crystals are in essence vibratory, energy tools. One of the largest technological uses of crystals is in solar cells which can power everything from space vehicles to calculators. Crystals are found in transistors regulating electron flow, both detecting and amplifying radio signals. Liquid crystals, most commonly around in watches and clocks, can be used for heat, electricity, magnetism and mechanics. From sonar to ultrasound, our world would be inconceivable without the technology of crystals. 


The same unique nature that makes crystals relevant in technology can support healing in living beings. While humans and other sentient beings are highly mutable and capable of complex emotions, thoughts and actions, crystals are extremely fixed and arranged. People easily fall out of tune and balance. Crystals, on the other hand, maintain constancy in their stable molecular arrangements. Both people and crystals emit energy fields. By placing the appropriate crystal in proper conjunction with a person there is an interplay of the energy that both produce. The constant frequency of vibration from the crystal can positively entrain and transmit its more steady energy state to the energy of its recipient.

The use of crystals in a Reiki healing session is a powerful healing combination. A skilled Crystal Reiki® healer determines exactly which crystals support the energy shifts that the client needs and is ready to make. The natural vibrational quality of the stones is further enhanced by the presence of Reiki energy. As the Crystal Reiki® healing unfolds, crystals are added and arranged according to their unique and synergistic attributes. The steady vibrational energy of the crystals entrains the client’s energy into clearer, more coherent expression. While the crystals emit their constant energy, the Crystal Reiki® healer can proceed to other areas in the client’s body to address additional imbalances. This allows the Crystal Reiki® healer to move through even more energy layers in the Crystal Reiki® healing session. Out of this new balanced and harmonious energy all of our experience arises ~ every physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sensation.

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The first documented use of crystals dates back to 4,000 BC with the ancient Sumerians and 3,100 BC in ancient Egypt. Most of the names we have for our crystals come from the Ancient Greeks. The word crystal comes from the Greek word for ice. All recorded civilizations have used crystal in one form or another, mostly for religious and healing practices. Almost all ancient civilizations believed that by wearing certain crystals, the wearer was imbued with certain powers or energies such as vitality, power, strength, wisdom, etc. The use of jewels placed in a crown is such an example. During the Renaissance period, religion and crystal use started to clash. The belief and practice of sanctifying and cleansing crystals became popular at this time. It was thought that if a ‘sinner’ handled a crystal, it became contaminated and then needed to be sanctified. The use of crystals fell out of favor after 1609 through the work of prominent scientists’ and their suggestion that minerals possess healing qualities. The accompanying implication, that it was not God’s work doing a healing, was not received favorably by religious leaders. During that time, others believed that some crystals gained their power from good angels and some were contaminated by bad angels. Crystals started to come back into use in the 1970’s.

~ Tom Merlo, CRMT, ReikiColorado Crystal Reiki® Healing Instructor


Tom Merlo, CRMT, ReikiColorado Crystal Reiki Healing Instructor, teaches Introduction to Healing with Crystals

Reiki I Training: Learn Energy Healing 

Crystal Reiki® Certification Course

1 weekend then Saturdays, 9:00am - 4:00pm

October 2023 - April 2024

Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Crystal Reiki® Training Workshop

Saturday 9:30am - 4:30pm

Next 1 Day Workshop coming soon

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