Reiki can be done at a distance!

A highly skilled Reiki practitioner can connect to a specific person’s energy field at a distance ~ much as they can connect with a person’s energy field when they are present in person.

The connection is not hindered by the amount of distance. Consciousness, intention and awareness supported by methods used in Reiki are not impeded by space and time.







Sound impossible?

Not so long ago would you have believed that typing as few as a dozen characters of an email address into your computer would be enough information for your message to reach one person out of the 7.7 billion people that currently inhabit the earth? Or, really consider that by writing 3 short lines of letters and numbers on an envelope it will physically reach a specific person almost anywhere on the planet. We are used to those concepts now so they don’t seem so extraordinary. 



Take the next big step!

With training and practice Reiki practitioners learn to perceive energy and to connect with another person’s energy. With more training and practice they can not only do that with someone present, they can connect with someone far away. This kind of connection requires sustaining more awareness and focused attention by the Reiki practitioner. But, Reiki is not just about perceiving energy, it is about healing.  

After connecting to the receiver, the Reiki practitioner can balance, clear, charge, connect and organize the receiver's energy. Since energy is the template for all of our experiences: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, changes occur in those experiences. The same changes that can occur during an in-person session are available in a long distance session.


         – Here's what people are saying –         

I scheduled distance Reiki during a particularly difficult period being with my father when he passed. I felt so supported. The information Susan shared was spot on.

Tuning into my energy field without my explanation was freeing, uncomplicated and clean.The healing happened deeper than my emotions and thoughts.

I let go of expectation and Susan is reading and tracking my field. I am amazed how much simpler distance work is for me to receive.


    – Long Distance Reiki Healing FAQ’s –      

What information does the Reiki practitioner need to do a long distance session?

Your name is enough. Generally they will want to know what you would like to receive from the session too.


Do I need to do something while the Reiki practitioner is doing the session for it to work?

Like prayer, energy healing is not impeded by space and time. I do distance sessions first thing in the morning with my meditation practice. Most people notice the effect of the distance work after a nights sleep. Some people like to set an intention to receive the benefit of long distance healing prior to going to bed at night. Think of having emails held by the server and receiving them when you press the download button. 


Can distance healing address specific health or emotional issues?

Yes. Though keep in mind that the language of energy does not sound like western medical terms. Ten different people experiencing a specific symptom will each have a unique energy imbalance that is manifesting as, say, back pain or anxiety.


Is one session enough to really help?

Sometimes. Deeper, longer held imbalances may take multiple sessions.


What are the logistics to setting up a distance Reiki healing with Susan?

Contact her using the form at the bottom of this page. Susan will respond as soon as possible and let you know when she will do the distance session. She may want to schedule a phone call first. Payment is required before she begins the long distance work. A distance Reiki session is the same price as an in person session, $108. After the distance session Susan will schedule a phone conversation to discuss the work. 

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