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Reiki Guidance

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During a Reiki healing session your Reiki healer can both perceive your energy - which is the template for all of what we experience - and can receive guidance for your healing. If there are particular issues that you are struggling with it is possible to request guidance about the issues. During the course of the energy healing session your Reiki healer can interpret the energy that presents in relation to what you need guidance about. Additionally, a highly skillful Reiki healer can receive insight and information to support you in resolving what you need assistance with at that time.

According to Khenpo Tenpa YungDrung Rinpoche, abbot of Triten Norbutse Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, (pictured above with Susan), Tibetan Bön Buddhist teachings describe clairvoyance as having six different types. The first five kinds of clairvoyance are related to the five senses and are not pure, while the sixth type is referred to as pure clairvoyance. The five sense related kinds of clairvoyance do not have wisdom. However, the sixth, pure clairvoyance is pure wisdom. Pure clairvoyance develops when energy and the mind enter the three main channels in the body. In particular, when energy and mind enter the central channel.


A foundational part of Reiki Master training at ReikiColorado includes learning daily practices to clear the obstructive energy of the chakras and energy channels.

Interested in a receiving Reiki guidance?

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