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Reiki Psychic Reading

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Much as artists have different ways of expressing themselves, energy healers perceive in unique ways and glean different types of information. What presents in a Reiki healing session will be pertinent to the healing process at that time. Repressed memories that are stuck in the energy field can reveal. Historical information can be available with incredible accuracy. Energy that does not belong to the client and is negatively impacting the client can be identified. 

The main difference between a Psychic Reading and a Reiki Psychic Reading is that the first is specifically and only about getting information. The latter, also about gathering information, is about using that information for the purpose of healing. A highly trained Reiki healer can both perceive information and use that information to actively address what is not supporting the client’s well being. There can be a novelty or entertainment aspect to accessing extraordinary information. However, this kind of information should be treated respectfully. I have worked with clients who have been emotionally injured by having a psychic reading without the opportunity to receive healing around the information that was revealed.

Everything that happens in an Reiki energy healing session is confidential. While predictions can be tricky, the healer can clearly read what is present in your energy field in the moment. If your healer has access to what you may consider secret, private, repressed or unknown to you, know that most healers get into this kind of work because they already have a bias to perceiving that type of information. Their read of you is not so different than their ability to read whomever they are in contact with. Though it may seem extraordinary to you, it is their normal way of being in the world. Many healers went through a phase in their lives trying to shut this excessive information down. They become healers when they choose to do something useful with it. With Reiki healing, the information and energy Reiki healers work with can only be used for their client’s highest good. This is the foundation of Reiki practice.

ReikiColorado Reiki Masters follow the strictest guidelines to protect client confidentiality. Working with integrity, respect and a highly tuned moral compass are necessary for all ReikiColorado graduates.

Interested in a Reiki psychic reading?

Susan Chiocchi

CRMT, Dipl BHS, Certified Soul Retrieval Ritualist, BFA

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