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Turn Your Intuition into Your  SUPERPOWER

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Are you one of those people who picks up what is going on energetically? You feel affected by things that others don’t seem to notice? And sometimes being around other people gives you too much information. You think about someone and they call. You feel something is going to happen and it does.

Most of us spend our energy trying to block out all of that information. It can be exhausting. Intuitive people are often treated with annoyance. "How can you be so sensitive?" Or, "How can you know that?" When you DO know that.

Turn your intuition into your greatest strength. What if you can use the same sensitivity that makes you intuitive to heal? With a little training you can start making sense of all of the information that you perceive and put it to good use. Knowing who is going to call is interesting but really not that useful. Knowing what someone needs to heal is life changing. Imagine being able to place your hands where there is pain and make it stop. You don't need special gadgets or tool, just your own healing hands and honest compassion.

Now more than ever your superpowers are needed. People who are intuitive and empathetic, and highly sensitive people are able to tap into the big picture of human connectivity. This awareness is needed to recreate our global community. As out-of-date dysfunctional paradigms are dismantling we all need support to bring in something completely new. Learning Reiki energy healing is a giant step in a positive direction for all of us


Reiki Colorado Alumi

“I enjoyed each aspect of the training sessions however, the group meditation sessions and the
attunements were amazing.”

"Susan was so approachable, and the teaching so easy to follow and thorough, and yet she allows for all the magic around it to be part of the training as well. It's incredible impressive that all she has accomplished and how gracious she is to share it with us."

"One of the best things about Susan is that she is just a normal gal who also is a Reiki guru. I think it makes it so much easier to digest this process than if it came from a more "woo woo"; teacher. She clearly has spent a lifetime studying this craft, as well as so many other disciplines like yoga and Buddhism that really compliment this technique. Susan was amazing!"

“You can definitely charge more for this training. It’s worth the money!”

"I cannot imagine a better forum to discover Reiki I.


Reiki I Training

Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be learned in a weekend training. It has long been recognized as a reliable method for relieving stress, mitigating pain, speeding up healing and more. Reiki is used in hospitals for patients and staff. Reiki training is available to everyone. There is no dogma, or special beliefs or rules to follow to be able to do Reiki. In fact, once you receive Reiki I training you don’t have to really “do” anything. Your energy will be attuned with healing energy. You don’t need any special abilities or skills. But if you are one of those sensitive people the evidence of Reiki working will be much more discernible.


During a Reiki Level I weekend you will learn to perceive energy and begin to fine tune what that energy means. You will learn how to do a basic energy healing session for yourself and for others. Part of the training will be attuning your energy to the very high vibration of life force energy that is used to heal. Once you are attuned you are always in connection with healing energy. All you need to do is call on it. You can learn online or in person. Reiki has been used for more than 100 years. Many hospitals now include Reiki in their repertoire of patient care. ReikiColorado is a recognized school that focuses exclusively on teaching Reiki. The founder, Susan Chiocchi, has been practicing and teaching energy healing for more than 2 decades.

A Reiki I training weekend includes 12 live contact hours with Susan and ReikiColorado Reiki Master Teachers. A Reiki I Manual is included with the tuition. All of the skills learned during class time are clearly covered in 12 private YouTube videos that students will be able to view at their leisure. At the conclusion of the training students receive a Certificate of Completion.

100% of Reiki I & Reiki II students would recommend ReikiColorado Reiki trainings to a friend or colleague.

Reiki I Training

April 22-23, 2023
Saturday: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Cost is $450
A $50 deposit is required to register.
Class size is limited

All classes will be taught by Susan Chiocchi and Reiki Master Mentors who are graduates of the ReikiColorado Reiki Master program. Susan has maintained a private healing practice since 1998. She is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, has a diploma in Brennan Healing Science and has two certifications in Soul & Life Retrieval ritual in the Bön Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. She is a guest instructor for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program and for yoga schools internationally. Susan's healing practice and teaching are informed by more than thirty years of study, practice and teaching of Reiki, yoga, meditation, and energy anatomy. 

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