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14 Things for a Healthier Energy Body

Here are some readily available things you can do and use to keep your chakras, channels and entire energy body in tip top condition:

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

1 Meditation

First and foremost, have a meditation practice. It is absolutely the most healing thing that you can do for your state of mind. A simple meditation allows your chakras to reset. There is a reason meditation spaces are designed to be peaceful, safe and quiet. You can open all of your chakras and allow yourself to reconnect and rejuvenate.


Even a daily 5 minute meditation can be a great start to allowing your energy and your mind to get out of grooved pathways of under or over functioning. Think of the reset button on an electrical outlet. It only takes a moment to press it and set the energy in motion again. 


If you are not familiar with meditation this can sound too simple. One of the profound lessons that I have learned along the way is the difference between simple and easy. It is really that simple. The part that isn’t easy is the part where we have to let go of our attachment to whatever state of mind we are in. We get identified with things being certain way, that we are a certain way. We need to have enough trust in something other than our own ideas and behavior patterns to allow ourselves to do something different. We have to stop whatever we are doing, feeling and thinking long enough to walk over to our meditation cushion* and sit down.


From the outside meditation doesn't look like much. In fact, it looks and sounds pretty damn boring. It isn’t glamorous or sexy. And, it isn't easily monetized. So, it’s kind of a hard sell. However, all that you need is a glimpse of allowing yourself to deeply connect with the you that is truly authentic - and what that can do for you - to be hooked.


If you are new to meditation, here are some simple instructions from Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, a monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition:

Meditation is easier than you think

  Meditation instruction

How to develop a meditation habit

2 Yoga

A well designed yoga practice systematically creates a connection between body and mind. Yoga gets our energy moving in a harmonious way. Practicing yoga poses, or asanas in Sanskrit, can reveal our imbalances; where we are stuck or holding, where we are blocked, where we feel discomfort. Once we get more in balance in body and mind we can, guess what, meditate. 

In fact, yoga was designed to help us meditate. Can’t sit still for 5 minutes? Can’t sit down without being uncomfortable? Can’t stop your endless train of thoughts? All those yoga poses we do are called yoga asanas. Asana literally means seat. And seat is referring to, yep, back to the meditation cushion*. 

Susan Chiocchi


Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

3 Pranayama

Breathing practices are powerful tools to reset our energy. Again this can sound too simple. I know how to breathe, I do it all day long, I can even do it in my sleep, right? 


The breath is the vehicle for our energy to move throughout our body. Breathing practices can open up areas that are guarded and restricted. It can energize areas that are depleted. Pranayama practices are designed to reset our nervous system and reboot our energy. They are powerful tools and require knowledgeable instruction.

Geshe Yongdong

4 Chanting

Chanting is part of almost every spiritual tradition. By creating the vibratory resonance of sound in our body we literally organize the pathways for energy to flow. (look at scientific research of microtubules) There are seed syllables in yogic traditions, both Indian and Tibetan that resonate with the energy of each chakra.

Photo by Dids from Pexels

5 Crystals

The nature of crystals is that they emit a very steady energy. We, on the other hand, are prone to all kinds of quick changes - just like we change our thoughts and feelings. As you get dialed into which of your chakras need support use crystals to hold that steady energy frequency that you need in your field. Place them on your body, on a chakra, keep them in a pocket or wear them as jewelry to recover that energy in your energy body. Meditate with them, keep them nearby at work. Sleep with them under your pillow. The proximity of a crystal's steady energy will inform your energy to be more organized and balanced. 

Root Chakra - Smoky Quartz for grounding, Black Tourmaline to purify and protect, Pyrite for manifestation and action, Ruby to enhance life force, Galena is grounding yet spacious, Garnet for health and prosperity, Cuprite for physical energy 

Sacral Chakra - Aragonite heals emotions, Ruby for enthusiasm, Orange Calcite gently enhances life force, Carnelian for vitality, Cinnabar for transformation 

Navel Chakra - Citrine for clarity of mind, Golden Apatite for manifestation, Carnelian for courage and confidence, Orange Calcite for clarity

Solar plexus Chakra - Citrine for creativity, Tiger Eye for discernment and practicality, Carnelian for clarity and confidence, Healerite for awareness, Cinnabar for insight

Heart Chakra - Rose Quartz for love and emotional healing, Emerald for compassion, Pink Fluorite to clear and energize heart, Green Fluorite to cleanse and integrate heart energy, Hiddenite to reconnect to joy, Healerite for joy and healing


Throat Chakra - Aquamarine enhances clear communication, Blue kyanite rapidly transfers energy, Blue Apatite for inspiration and access to knowledge

Third eye Chakra - Lapis Lazuli for inner vision, Shungite clears negative patterns and aligns energy, Sodalite for intuition and insight, Iolite for inner vision, Labradorite for magic and is good for all chakras

Crown Chakra - Amethyst for connection to the divine, Clear Quartz magnifies, clears and cleanses and is good for all chakras, Angelite expands awareness, Scolecite for inner peace and tranquility 

Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

6 Essential oils 

Again what we are utilizing is the energy frequency. There is fascinating research (read geeky) about how scent is a product of the collective frequencies of the molecules that make up the compound. So, it's energy. Essential oils can hold the frequency we need. By breathing in and enjoying their scent we are impacted by their energy frequency. Essential oils can be applied topically, diffused in the air, or applied to something that you wear. Our sense of smell directly affects our brain and specifically the part of the brain associated with emotions and memories of emotions.

There are many manufacturers of essential oils. Some make custom blends of oils for specific effect. Certain oils are contraindicated for some medical conditions. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant, do the research to make sure which oils are safe for you (also be very careful using essential oils with pets). Additionally, we all react differently to oils. Be on the look our for your unique response. Definitely look for the highest quality therapeutic grades.

Root Chakra - Vetivert to calm and ground, Coriander to soothe and calm, Ginger for energy, Cinnamon for circulation, Patchouli a soothing stimulant, Nutmeg to stimulate, Cedarwood to calm, Black Pepper for energy

Sacral Chakra - Ylang Ylang to balance masculine and feminine, Neroli to calm, Sweet Orange to calm, Sandalwood to calm nervousness, Clary Sage to support hormones, Cinnamon Bark to stimulate sexuality, Rosewood as a general tonic, Jasmine for uplifting, Lavender for relaxation

Navel Chakra - Juniper for detoxifying, Marjoram for well being, Neroli to calm anxiety, Tangerine to calm nervousness, Bergamot for stress and appetite regulation, Basil for relaxation, Cypress for nervous tension

Solar Plexus Chakra - Ginger for nausea, Helichrysum for liver tonic, Lemongrass supports digestion, Mandarin as a gentle digestive tonic, Spearmint to support nervous system, Juniper Berry to activate, Grapefruit to balance, Lemon for anxiety, Spikenard for indigestion, Cedarwood to calm and purify

Heart Chakra - Rose elevates sense of well being, Ravensara to strengthen respiratory system, Spruce to strengthen thymus, Helichrysum supports respiratory system, Palmarosa to support cardiovascular system, Lavender and sweet marjoram to calm, Jasmine to uplift, Copaiba to support heart, Neroli and Melissa to calm, Ylang Ylang calm heart

Throat Chakra - Myrrh to support thyroid,  Fir supports respiratory tract, Lemon to open, Vanilla to destress, Roman Chamomile to calm, Coriander to maintain, Cypress for throat issues and to support circulatory system, Peppermint supports digestion, Eucalyptus and Basil to support respiratory tract, Frankincense to ease stress 

Third Eye Chakra - Rosemary to open, German Chamomile to stabilize, Frankincense stimulates limbic area of brain, Sandalwood to maintain, Lavender for relaxation, Lemon for anxiety, Clary Sage to support eyes, Juniper for positive sense of well being, Cinnamon for exhaustion

Crown Chakra - Frankincense to uplift and stimulate brain, Spearmint to calm and boost metabolism, Clary Sage to uplift, Lavender to calm, Lavandin to energize, Neroli supports mind, body and spirit, Vanilla to calm, Sandalwood to stimulate areas of brain, Myrrh to positively affect areas of brain, Rose to balance and elevate mind

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

7 Flower Essences 

Flower essences contain the energy of flowers that have been soaked in tinctures. Flower essences work on our emotions. If you are prone to getting stuck in emotional states that don't serve you, flower essences are gentle energy reminders of your balanced state. They work with just a few drops. Place them under your tongue or lace your water bottle with several drops to sip throughout the day. Flower essences are available in many natural grocers. Most manufacturers have reference information about what each flower remedy is useful for. Here are a few suggestions:

Root Chakra -  Garlic for strength and better boundaries to outside energy, Oregon Grape to dispel fear and suspicion, Purple Monkeyflower for fear of personal spirituality, Tiger Lily to harmonize striving and aggression with nurturing and co-creating, Chrysanthemum for more connection to spiritual, Indian Paintbrush for grounding

Sacral Chakra - Basil to integrate sexuality with spirituality, Queen Anne’s Lace for unresolved emotional or sexual issues, Yellow Star Tulip to increase receptivity and compassion, Black Cohosh for inner strength in feelings of powerlessness, Calla Lily for acceptance and clarity of sexual identity

Navel Chakra - Violet for ease in connecting with others without loosing sense of self, Yarrow to reduce energy leaks and unwanted energy absorption, Baby Blue Eyes for safety and security with others, California Wild Rose to restore enthusiasm for life, 

Solar plexus Chakra - Sunflower for under or over expressed ego, Peppermint improves apathy in digestion and mind, Buttercup to deeply recognize self worth, Goldenrod to establish individuated identity,  Chamomile for tension that impacts digestion,

Heart Chakra - Bleeding Heart for codependent tendencies, Yerba Santa to restore joy and release grief, Borage to lift a heavy heart,

Throat - Iris to release creative blocks, Poison Oak to dispel fear of expressing feelings, Snapdragon to redirect energy away from verbal aggression, Trumpet Vine to free up voice, Cosmos for clarity of thought and communication

Third Eye Chakra - Nasturtium to balance mental activity with body and emotions, Shasta Daisy to transform over intellectualizing into insight, Angelica to balance tendency to over intellectualize major life events, 

Crown Chakra - Lotus enhances meditation and higher consciousness, Star Tulip for inner peace, guidance and security

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

8 Psychotherapy 

There are many sources for mapping the psychology of chakra energy. This can be a great inroad to sorting out your unique energy circumstances. Having a deeper understanding of how we are out of balance can be helpful. By naming something we are already changing the dynamics. In my healing practice clients who have done therapy are often much farther along in their healing journey than they would have been.


On the other hand, some people can get stuck in the concepts. Healing is more than just concepts. Authentic healing is more than the labels and the ideas. It is one thing to be able to name your issues and what you need to work on and another thing to be able to fully embody deep and lasting change.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

9 One breath 

If you find yourself overwhelmed, scattered or agitated and need something immediate, focus on one breath. Use this simple method when you don’t have time or bandwidth for anything else. Everyone has time to take one meditative breath. First, eliminate distractions by silencing your phone, closing the door etc. Close your eyes. Stop, be still, be silent and be fully aware of one full inhale and one full exhale. It goes something like this:

Take stock of how you are feeling. Notice the pause just before you feel the impetus to inhale. As you begin to inhale feel the coolness of air at the tip of your nose. Feel air move thru your nostrils and into your sinuses. Feel your lungs fill from the bottom to the top.  Notice the expansion in your chest all the way up to your collar bones. Feel that sense of expansion thru your shoulders and back. Notice the slight pause at the top of your inhale. Feel the impetus to exhale. Follow the downward sensation of the exhale moving thru your chest, thru your belly and even into your pelvis. Feel the movement all the way down to the very bottom of your exhale. Notice the slight pause at the end of the exhale.

Often, If you can pause for one breath, you may be able to notice a couple more breaths. With each breath, notice and feel as many sensations as possible. If you become aware of any holding or tightness, bring your attention to where you feel the sensation. If you find that you are ruminating or getting distracted by something external, come back to the present moment by noticing the breath that is moving right now. As you pay attention, does what you noticed change?

There is no right or wrong to what you feel and notice. It’s about what is going on for you in the moment.  Breathing is one of those automatic functions that we can do without being conscious of it. We can do it in our sleep. So it takes awareness to notice what is happening when we breathe. It sounds boring but, the more you notice the more there is to notice. And very quickly your internal landscape gets much more interesting. We call this meditation.

After one breath (or more if you feel compelled) notice how you are feeling. What is different?

The more you reach for this tool, the more you will program your nervous system and consciousness into being responsive to One Breath. Change can be as immediate and profound as the effect of pressing the reset button on an electrical outlet. 

One Breath [link to recorded audio]

scenic view dan enhanced.png

10 Energy Elements

One of the most effective and informative ways to balance your energy is by working with the energy elements. We are healed, balanced and rejuvenated by the energy of our natural environment. You are probably already aware of which energy elements you are intuitively drawn to and the positive impact they have on you. Perhaps, even more than the power of our breath, the power of nature’s influence on us is overlooked because, like so many things that I’m suggesting, it’s too obvious. It's always there. 

Our bodies come from the earth and from the earth we sustain them. Indian yoga refers to the energy layer of the physical body as the sheath of food because that is what it is made from. If that is weird to ponder, consider that your body isn’t even yours. It is actually on loan from the earth. When you die you have to give it back. Even fully enlightened beings leave their body behind when they leave the earth.

Not just the physical body, but the energy body is sustained and balanced by the energy of nature. Different chakras and organs in the body resonate with each of the 5 energy elements. As much as possible, being in the natural world will improve our body and states of mind. Being in nature in its natural state is best. If what is available to you is your backyard or the neighborhood park that will do. If you can’t get out then bring the energy of the elements to you. Find ways to cultivate earth, water, fire, air and space energies in your home and in you. 

EARTH ELEMENT: Be outside, Walk in the woods, garden, care for houseplants. Exercise. In your home and work space have live plants and flowers, cook and food prep with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds & grains.

When earth energy is balanced we feel grounded and stable. We are confident, responsible and have good concentration.

WATER ELEMENT: Be near the ocean, a river, lake or creek, float on a river, go swimming. At home soak in a bath or take a long shower, have a fountain. Dance like no one is watching.

When water energy is balanced we feel tolerant, joyful and content. We tend to be happy and enjoy life.

FIRE ELEMENT: Be in the sunshine, sit in front of a fire. At home light some candles, light a fire in the fireplace.  

When fire energy is balanced we are creative and filled with enthusiasm and inspiration. We enjoy being alive and in our body.

Photo by Emiliano Arano from Pexels

AIR ELEMENT: Get outside in fresh air, feel the wind, At home open windows and change out the air, breathe deeply.

When air energy is balanced we are curious and enjoy learning. We are flexible in our ideas and open to change.

Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels

SPACE ELEMENT: Be in big open spaces with expansive views, gaze at the clouds in the sky, watch the sunrise and the sunset, watch the moonrise and the stars move. At home gaze out a window, find an expansive view, look at the sky.

When space energy is balanced we have room for all of the aspects of life effortlessly. We are aware and accommodating.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

When being in nature with the real thing isn’t available, we can still cultivate the energy of the elements. There are recorded guided meditations for each of the five energy elements on this ReikiColorado website. These guided meditations harness the incredibly powerful ability of the mind to visualize. Each meditation is designed to bring the energy you need back into your energy field and your body. There are brief descriptions of the ways that we get out of balance and the corresponding meditation that supports bringing you back into harmony. 

11 Hands on Healing

Place your hands on the area of your body that is troubled. We do that instinctively. If you bang your knee or stub a toe there is an automatic response to place your hands on the injured area. One of the reasons that this is so reflexive is because we have chakras in the palms of our hands. By placing your hands you are sending healing energy or taking energy debris as is needed. You don’t have to think about it to make it happen. Allow the intelligence of your energy body to create the balance you need. Place your hands as long as it feels helpful. 

Photo by Puwadon Sang-ngern from Pexels

12 Learn Reiki

You can boost the power of hands on healing by learning Reiki in a Reiki Level I Training. There are many names for different kinds of energy healing. At the root they all have the basic intention to fix energy imbalances and to create healing. Consistently, Reiki is considered the most effective and the most available.

Reiki level I is appropriate for everyone. It can be learned in a weekend training or a week long online training. Having a basic Reiki practice is something that will serve you for life. During those times when you need support for yourself and others you are never helpless. You will have these healing hands that are with you all the time. In Reiki Level I you will learn to connect to healing energy and to allow it to move through you. It is something you can use for yourself and for your family. For parents it's absolutely invaluable. All you have to do is call on it.

13 Energy Healing

Schedule an energy healing session with a qualified energy healer. Reiki, is a form of energy healing that can also be done at a distance. This is, in fact, the major focus of Reiki Level II training. If you don't know any energy healers in your neighborhood, no problem. Currently Susan is available to do Reiki distance healing sessions in real time using Zoom. Distance healing recipients report that the energy work is as powerful, if not more powerful than an in person session. 

14 Learn to Energy Test

Learn energy testing for foods and vitamins and choose which ones are best for you. You can develop more awareness of your energy and use energy testing to sense if you are positively enhanced or negatively influenced by what you eat ~ before you eat it. Why guess when you can get an immediate read on what enhances you energetically? And, it is a moving target. Meaning your need for a certain food or vitamin can change from day to day.

*If you are not comfortable sitting on a meditation cushion it's perfectly acceptable to meditate while sitting on a chair. Best if it has a straight back to support you in good alignment.

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