The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness

2016 Documentary

Bruce Lipton, PhD - Developmental biology

Beverly Rubik, PhD - Biophysics

Lynne McTaggart - Journalist and researcher

Candace Pert, PhD - Neuroscience and pharmacology

Hyla Cass - Physician and psychiatrist

Bruce Lipton

In today’s world of healthcare there are two different models of how the human biology works. One of them is based on the physical reality that everything in the universe is made out of matter. This is the Newtonian view that conventional medicine works with. The view basically says that the body is a machine, it’s made out of chemicals and genes, and that if there is anything wrong with the machine, you actually adjust the chemicals and genes as the primary source of the problem.


Another view is based on quantum physics that says that the universe is actually made out of energy and everything that we see as matter is itself actually energy. The significance of the difference between the two is invisible forces play a primary role in the new understanding of biology in the new energy medicine. Energy becomes entangled. Meaning everything that is made out of energy becomes entangled you can’t separate it. So that says when we’re looking at an individuals life we’re not just looking at their physical body. But we’re looking at their health in regard to what their perceptions of the world are, their family relationships, their job relationships, world issues at that moment because everything impinges on their health.


Dr. Beverly Rubik

The old medicine is not helping us during this era where chronic degenerative disease is the major culprit. It’s perfect for things like trauma or infectious diseases, but very limited in terms of dealing with our chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer and heart disease. And it’s also unsustainable. It is way too costly. It is simply not helping people. They are getting horrendous side effects. In fact one of the number one causes of death is death by medicine. And so we drastically need something bigger and better.


And one of the changes is that enhanced self care moves to the forefront of the new medicine. That people need to take more self responsibility for their health and wellness. So it sort of turns the pyramid upside down where self care was sort of brushed aside by the old conventional paradigm it comes into the forefront.


Lynn McTaggart

The new medicine is all about looking at the body as a dynamic system. And understanding that if you affect one part of the body you affect the rest of it. You put medicine on your arm and you create changes in your leg, in your liver, everywhere. So the new approach is to approach the body as a holistic system, and also an energy system. And so we don’t have to do things grossly to our physicality. We can treat ourselves through energy. And treat ourselves through things that we can’t really see.


Dr Candace Pert

In the history of medicine, mind, emotion, spirit was completely left out. This is the western mainstream medicine as we know it. This came from a silly thing from when Descartes was given the dead bodies by the pope to work on. So everything about mainstream medicine is sort of lifeless. What’s happening now, what’s so exciting, is to incorporate the new paradigm ideas into medicine. Not just that mind matters, but mind is really central to our health and our disease.



Probably since Newton and Descartes magic and mysticism has been ripped out of our lives. And there has been an enormous separation between science and religion. However with the discoveries made since Einstein and the advent of quantum physics we’ve understood that the world is very different than what we were told. There is magic. There is connection between all things. 



Today’s view of genetics has completely changed. The old view, of which I trained in and taught medical students, was a view called genetic determinism. This is the belief that the genes control your traits, not just your structural, but your physical, emotional and behavioral traits as well. So that our lives are a printout of our genetic lineage. 


There is a new science today called epigenetics. I first saw the nature of epigenetics 40 years ago when I was culturing stem cells. I had genetically identical cells in three dishes, but changed the environment in each dish. In one dish they formed muscle, in one dish the cells formed bone. In the third dish they formed fat cells. The important point was all the cells were genetically identical, Their fates were controlled by the environment.


Today this new understanding of environmental control over genes is called epigenetic control.



What we are now understanding is that in any cell, the membrane of a cell is semipermeable and there are a lot of little protein gatekeepers there that are receptors that let information in or out. Our new understanding that everything in our environment, our diet, the air we breathe, the emotions we hold, the sum total of how we live our lives affects whether a gene gets turned on or off. 


Now this is profound because it completely contradicts what we think of as Darwinian genetics is that we’re driven by our genes. Well how can that be if one little environmental thing, like a vitamin can derail all of your genetic history? 


So scientists are busy looking at cancer and all kinds of things from the epigenenome. And understanding that we are getting constructed from outside in. Not inside out as we thought.



The fate of our cells is determined by the chemistry of our blood. The chemistry of our blood is adjusted by the way we perceive life. So that if we open up our eyes and see love in our presence we release chemistry in the blood such as oxcytocin, dopamine serotonin. These chemicals promote health and vitality of the system. 


In contrast, however, if I open up my eyes and I see something that threatens me or scares me I release a completely different set of chemicals into my blood. Such as stress hormones and histamine. The difference is these chemicals actually shut down my growth and prepare me for protection.  


So it becomes very critical on how we see the world because our perceptions are directly converted into chemistry and the chemistry controls not just our behavior, but our genetic expression as well.



The notion of layers of subtle bodies comes out of ancient Indian thinking or ancient oriental medicine.



Throughout the ages, mystics have talked about the source, the matrix, some sort of all encompassing field. But now since the advent of quantum physics we have understood that there is a quantum field. And physicists are able to do a number of types of experiments to demonstrate and actually measure what’s happening in this field.



There is a new understanding of the relationship of matter and energy based on quantum physics. And the issues about energy healing that are different from mechanical healing is that energy involves invisible waves which includes thought and what physicists call the field. The field is a whole collection of all the energy that makes up the universe. And it turns out that the field is what shapes matter. 


As Einstein once remarked: the field is the sole governing agency of a particle. What he was talking about is that the invisible forces are primary in shaping the physical world. 


There is a radical revolution in healthcare. And it’s brought about by new modalities that emphasize energy and vibration. 



Einstein said that the field is the only reality. It’s a brilliant phrase because it really encapsulates what things in the universe actually are. We think of all of us and all things as discrete objects but actually we are part of a giant quantum energy field.



Energy medicine which regards the body not just as a bag of molecules but as primary fields of information that can be shifted by different therapeutics.



We find that the atoms aren’t physical themselves, they are actually energy vortices. They’re like little miniature tornados. Every atom is actually a vibrational field. The significance of this is that when we look at the body thru the new scan systems such as PET scans, and CAT scans and MRI scans we are actually looking at the energy profiles of our body not the physical expression of it. 


The significance in healing is that in quantum physics the energy can be adjusted by other energy rather than through chemistry. And research has now revealed that energy information signals are one hundred times more efficient in controlling biology than are chemical signals. The net result is that we will move away from the pharmaceutical pursuit of healing and move into the energy field as a much more effective and efficient way of introducing health into our bodies.



Really the purpose of the molecules of emotion is to regenerate our body minds. So everything we think every time we emote we are moving cells, we are growing cells and changing the fabric of the body with every thought. Every thought is changing our emotions and every emotional expression is rewiring our brains. And the emotions are the key, because they are in the physical realm in the forms of these molecules of emotion. Both, they’re also this mysterious energetic realm. The key is that they are carrying information. They can carry it to a synapse that is less than a millimeter away or they can carry information all over the body.


When you have a profound emotional trigger every single receptor in your body shifts. And so that emotion is felt all over the entire body mind. 



Negative thinking along with it negative emotions, feeling fear, anxiety, feeling stressed, which is most peoples state, impacts our organs. It removes blood flow from all the vital organs of our bodies; our stomachs our hearts our brains and puts blood flow in our muscles and so we are ready to fight and flight. And when they move positive energy, and positive feelings back in their body that blood flow starts back, again, to the vital organs and tissues. And with it all the benefits of bringing in the blood, bringing in the nutrition, taking away waste, bringing in oxygen. So cells can metabolize normally again.



The problem with talk therapy is we tend to continually revisit the hurts and the pains. By constantly going over them, we’re digging deeper and deeper grooves. One has to replace that negative conditioning with new positive forms. We have to substitute new thoughts, basically.


Hyla Cass

After many years of medical practice it is really clear to me that nature is the best healer. Medications may have their place, but really any kind of condition, let’s see how we can affect our own body and mind ourselves. The key to a lot of illness, and that’s stress. So we have the stresses of life, and then there’s the old stresses the things that are living in our unconscious, that we might not even be aware of.  When we address those and clean them up, boy are we ever in a better place to go from the stress response to the relax and restore response. Which is what we really need to heal ourselves.



It takes a lot of energy to repress memories, to repress traumas. So when we have these bottled up feelings they are robbing us of energy we could use for our healing, for our joy, for our creativity. That is why it is so important to find ways, healthy ways, to make other choices. We know now that there is no separation between the brain and the immune system. Every emotion plays an important physiological role in our body. Studies of remarkable recoveries have shown that, so often, tumor shrinkage is actually accompanied by a sudden realization that the person is angry at somebody. A sudden permission to start to have profound emotional expression.



The important understanding from new science is that our lives are essentially a printout of the subconscious mind operating 95% of the time. One of the biggest desires of people is to change their lives. The issue about change becomes critical because the subconscious mind does not learn in the same way that the conscious mind learns. The conscious mind can learn by reading a book. The subconscious mind requires repeating things over and over again or getting into a brain state by which information can be directly downloaded in the subconscious mind. The whole understanding is this: we need to find ways in which we can actively engage new programs in the subconscious mind. 



Energy healing and really, touch therapy, can direct, in a very gentle way, our attention to some very deep old surpressed stuff so that it begins to come out quite dramatically and subtly. You don’t even need to go through all the trauma that caused it. They can enter in a different place, not where talk is initiated. They can come in through a different spot in the psychosomatic network. Everything is about the way we’re wired up. We have choices, unlike the other animals, we have choices. 



We become what we think. We become the energy field that we create. The energy manifests at the physical level of the body, and the blood and the tissues.


{The electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 greater than that produced by the brain.} this line is from the narrator in voice over



What’s really interesting about modern evidence about the heart and the brain is how it backs up what spiritual masters have been saying for centuries. In modern science we always think of the main engine of the body being the brain. And the main antenna for receiving information. But there have been a number of studies demonstrating that actually the heart receives a lot of information earlier than the brain and even informs the brain.



It has now been recognized by conventional science that 1/3 to 2/3 of all healing be it drug related or surgery related is actually due to something called the placebo effect.



Doctors complain about the placebo effect because they say it messes up drug studies. The placebo effect is probably the most powerful medicine we have. And what it demonstrates is that as far as our bodies are concerned and our brains are concerned we can’t distinguish between a chemical and the thought of a chemical, the thought of a medicine.


One of the fascinating aspects about our brain is that it’s a little bit dumb. It’s this marvel, but when it comes to an action or thought a brain can’t really tell the difference. One of the most fascinating studies about the placebo effect didn’t have to do with a drug at all, but an operation. The researchers took a group of patients with arthritis of the knee, gave 2/3 of them an actual operation and 1/3 of them a sham operation. Their knees were cut open but they didn’t actually do anything. What they discovered afterwards is that all of the patients, whether or not they got the actual operation, reported moderate improvement. But the best group of all with the best outcome were the patients who didn’t have an operation at all, the ones who had had the sham operation. So there is another example of the mind and the power of thought to heal.



The significance of that is consciousness, through these positive thoughts, brings about healing in a body. Negative thoughts are equally powerful but work in the opposite direction, and can actually cause illness and death. So it’s the power of thinking, the power of consciousness, it’s equally powerful whether we’re thinking positive thoughts or negative thoughts. 



The extraordinary research that’s available about the power of intention shows that thoughts affect every aspect of our lives. One argument with a spouse can affect your healing for days. You can have a cut, it will heal a lot slower if you have a negative thought. So what this suggests is that we have to become extremely mindful about what we are thinking. And we have to start becoming positive in the way we view the world. We have to realize that what we say and think is being heard. One of the most dangerous things about negative intention is that it’s so unconscious. All of us walk down the street holding lots of judgement, having lots of negative intention and these too are having an affect.


Also our media is very negative. That constant seepage of negative intention is also having an affect on everyone of us. So we’re feeling the affect of negative thoughts just as much as positive ones.



It’s very interesting to understand that the nature of consciousness, the mind doesn’t listen to dialogue, but really focuses on images. So for example if I say to myself, I don’t want cancer. The mind doesn’t pay attention to the dialogue I don’t want, but does have an image of a cancer. So it becomes very important to recognize what we want, not focus on the things we don’t want because the mind will immediately gravitate to the images of negative things and actually manifest them. A way to change  these beliefs is to actually consciously convert our negative thoughts into positive images and positive vision as a correction factor. The more we repeat this process, the more rapidly the subconscious mind will rewrite the limiting and disempowering programs and put into it the more effective positive visions that we manifest.



For several decades a number of scientists in prestigious universities have engaged in studies showing that thoughts can affect everything from bacteria and algae, to animals to plants and complicated things like human beings. This body of evidence is very robust and it certainly points to the fact that a thought is a thing, that in a sense, affects other things.



The pendulum is really swinging mainstream medicine. Not too long ago everything was thought to be genetic. All we heard about was the genetic causes of cancer when in fact the experts agree that less than 2% of all cancer is genetically linked. It’s totally clear that it’s a disease of environmental toxicity and it’s one of the many diseases that are increasing exponentially in our time. Which in itself, alone, proves that they’re not genetic diseases.



There’s a huge shift going on today in medicine from the old allopathic, biomedical model to a new model that encompasses more of the whole person; body, mind and spirit. It is able to deal with our chronic, degenerative illnesses today. One of the changes is that enhanced self care moves to the forefront of the new medicine. People need to take more self responsibility for their health and wellness. We need to understand what’s best for ourselves and take those measures, really, on a daily basis in terms of what we choose to eat, what we choose to do with our time, what thoughts we choose to think. Even thinking positively about our health makes a big difference in the long run 



We now know that genes do not control our traits. It’s our perceptions and beliefs and attitudes about life which in fact control our genes. Rather than blaming everything on the body, we’re beginning to see that we are primary in shaping our health and therefore we must be primary in bringing health back to our system.

For the full story watch The Healing Field: Exploring Energy and Consciousness directed by Penny Price. Available on Prime Video

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