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Reiki Trainings, Classes & Courses

June 24-25

Reiki I Training: Learn Energy Healing 

Sat & Sun: 9am-3pm

No previous experience needed

Susan was so approachable, and the teaching was so easy to follow...'s incredible what she has accomplished and how gracious she is to share it with us. 
- Verified Student 

July 29-30

Reiki II Training: Advanced Healing Practices 

Sat & Sun: 9am-2pm

Prerequisite: Reiki I

Reiki Master Apprenticeship

Reiki III Training: Transformational Journey 

Prerequisite Reiki I & Reiki II


Begins May 21

One of the best things about Susan is that she is just a normal gal who is also a Reiki guru... ...She clearly has spent a lifetime studying this craft, as well as many other disciplines...
- Verified Student 

Crystal Reiki® Certification Course

1 full weekend, then 1 Saturday per month


October 2023-April 2024

Next 1 Day
Workshop coming soon

Crystal Reiki Training Workshop

Saturday, 9:30am-4:30pm

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