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Hospital Employees

RCA benefits Caregivers

"Wellness is the quality of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness." ~ The World Health Organization. 

Reiki Benefits Everyone

“The days that we have Reiki you can feel a collective lightening and spirits lifting in the staff.”

“Reiki helped me with all of the stress that I had built up. After the session I felt so refreshed and could focus on the positive aspects of my job.”

“You have no idea what it is like for us to come to work and know that the Reiki practitioner is coming. We feel that you value us."

“I have been on the frontline from the beginning and the stress can take its toll. Reiki provides me an overall feeling of well being that is so important in times like these.”


Bring Reiki to your Organization

In Reiki’s simplest application it provides a reliable method of stress relief and relaxation. In its most developed expression it is life changing. Reiki works on all aspects of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, often at the same time. And, practicing Reiki is inclusive. It does not require a philosophy, belief system or religious persuasion. 

At RCA we are experienced in bringing Reiki training to organizations and facilitating the integration of Reiki for staff into their institution’s wellness program. 

Students first learn to practice Reiki on themselves for relaxation, stress, pain management, anxiety, insomnia, depression and more in Reiki Level I. Reiki Level II certifies students to practice Reiki on others and bring this healing form into their cohort. Reiki Level III, as taught by RCA, is a transformational journey of personal growth. Unique to RCA is the RC Confrere, a forum for professional practice and advanced application of Reiki.


Reiki Level I

For many students Reiki Level I is an introduction into mindfulness, meditation and self awareness. Students first learn to practice Reiki on themselves for relaxation, stress, pain management, anxiety, insomnia, depression and more. The practice of a basic Reiki session enhances compassion, altruism and loving kindness for oneself and for others.

Why Reiki? 

Reiki helps with burnout

”Even before the pandemic, burnout among health care workers was well documented. The pandemic turned it into a crisis. A key component of burnout is depletion, which is characterized by feeling physically and emotionally drained, just barely hanging on. 

Harvard Business Review
February 11, 2022 

Reiki improves mental health

”If organizations seek to be profitable, they have no choice but to help their employees live in harmony, to be serene and creative. Well-being at work is largely linked to our ability to adapt to the moving reality of the company, without losing ourselves."

PubMed, NIH, Wellness at Work 

Reiki makes sense

University of Virginia researchers found that “hospitals without burnout-reduction programs spend an estimated $16,736 per nurse per year employed for burnout-related turnover.” 

Journal of Patient Safety 

Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II deepens the student’s relationship to healing energy and develops greater confidence through practicing energy healing at a distance. The experience of the extraordinary is amplified in their practice of Reiki and in daily life. Certification to practice Reiki with colleagues as part of a wellness program builds community and connections.


Reiki III Apprenticeship

Reiki III or Reiki Master Training is the real journey into Reiki and energy healing. This year long training is an immersion into mindfulness, self awareness, healing and accelerated personal growth. It is an opportunity to deeply integrate sacredness into everyday life. With the completion of Reiki III students are certified as Reiki Masters and can facilitate the ongoing teaching program of Levels I and II at their organization.

RCA Confrere

The RCA Confrere is by invitation, and currently available only to Reiki Masters with ReikiColorado Academy training. This newer offering is a deep dive into energy healing and conscious awakening. It was inspired by requests from RCA graduates desiring sustained opportunity for connection, learning and support. Within this year long subscription newly codified  teaching forms and support materials for practicum and tutorial sessions are presented. Guest teachers who are experts in different vantage points of energy healing may be invited. Peer support and supervision are an integrated feature for the monthly meetings.   


Reiki Level I

2 Day training - 12 contact hours 


Reiki I manual


Unlimited access to Reiki I teaching videos

Certificate of completion

Skill to do a basic Reiki session


(3 week - 3 month integration before commencing Reiki II training) 

Reiki Level II

2 Day training - 10 contact hours 


Reiki II manual


Unlimited access to Reiki II teaching videos

Certification to practice Reiki

Skill to do a distance Reiki session


(No waiting required before Reiki III

Reiki  III

Year-long training


Monthly 4 hour tutorials 

Monthly Peer Support & Supervision 

Reiki III manual

Advanced healing skills


Certification to assist teaching Reiki I & II

Advanced self care practices

RCA Confrere

Year long training

Monthly 4 hour tutorials with Peer Support and Supervision

RC Confrere manual

Advanced integrated healing skills


Advanced facilitation of groups 


Peer Support skills

(Available to RCA Reiki Masters)

With the completion of Reiki I, II, III and a year of Reiki Confrere, your organization will have developed a sustainable program for your staff. The applications are limitless.

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