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Crystal Reiki® Trainings

Crystal Reiki® effectively merges the healing power of Reiki with the profound energy of crystals. While Reiki and crystal healing are both stand alone energy healing modalities, their union is a potent healing combination. Used skillfully, crystals allow you to deepen and refine healing energy with the highest possible outcome and the least amount of effort.

Upcoming Crystal Reiki® Trainings


Crystal Reiki®
7 Month Certification Course

$1825 per person (includes manual)
Class size is limited

Saturday, July 27, 2024

9:30am - 4:30pm

Crystal Reiki®
One Day Workshop

$175 per person (includes manual)
Class size is limited

Crystal Reiki®

The use of crystals in a Reiki healing session is a powerful healing combination. A skilled Crystal Reiki® healer determines exactly which crystals support the energy shifts that the client needs and is ready to make. The natural vibrational quality of the stones is  further enhanced by the presence of Reiki energy, creating a deeper more profound healing. Out of this new balanced and harmonious energy all of our experience arises ~ every physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sensation.

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What you’ll learn

Crystals are in essence vibratory, energy tools. Students will learn to sense the energy quality of different crystals and how they can be helpful in healing. Using intuition to connect with crystals and feel the subtle nuances of their energy is the foundation of the Crystal Reiki® Certification course. Through the course students will have the opportunity to work directly with a spectacular array of crystals and minerals, under the guidance of Tom (bio) and Susan (bio) students will experience the different energies within crystal families and how to use them for healing.

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Crystal Reiki® Master Tom

Tom Merlo has been working with the healing energy of crystals for more than 2 decades. He is a Certified Crystal Healer and a ReikiColorado Certified Reiki Master Teacher. He teaches Crystal Reiki Healing in workshops and Certification courses

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