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Crystal Reiki® Healing

Crystal healing relies on the interplay between the human energy field and the energy field of crystals. In combination with Reiki, the natural vibrational quality of crystals is further enhanced. When skillfully placed, the steady vibrational energy of crystals entrain the recipient’s energy into clearer, more coherent expression. A Reiki practitioner is able to monitor changes in the recipients energy field and fine tune the crystal choices and placements as the session progresses. This allows the Crystal Reiki® healer to work more deeply and accomplish more in a healing session.

What do Crystals do?

Crystals are incredibly steady and ordered in both their structure and energy. On the other hand, our nature as humans is that of constant flux and change. Through the adept choosing and placing of crystals in proximity with a person the crystals inform positive changes in the energy field of the recipient.

The more malleable energy field of the recipient will naturally match or entrain the more steady energy field of the crystal.

Healing Stones

What our clients are saying

The moment that I experienced crystals in a Reiki session I was surprised how effective they are in creating balance. I could literally feel my pain melt away.

~ Verified Reiki Client

Reiki with the addition of crystal energy has been transformational. Not only are crystals beautiful, but what they do in a session is elegant, gentle and intense all at the same time.

~ Verified Reiki Client

Crystal Reiki® is nothing short of magic. Some crystals are calming, others make me feel light and happy. But the ones that clear away all the energy junk are fantastic.

~ Verified Reiki Client

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