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Meet Susan Chiocchi

CRMT, Dipl BHS, Certified Soul Retrieval Ritualist, BFA


Chiocchi (key - O - key)

is Italian, meaning ‘whose eyes’

Susan Chiocchi began working with subtle energy almost forty years ago in meditation practice. Her studies led to training in Reiki beginning in 1997 and culminated with a Reiki Master Teacher certification in 2000. Susan began ReikiColorado to offer private sessions and teach energy healing. She continued her studies completing a four year training in energy healing at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2004, and a two year training in Soul and Life Force Retrieval at Ligmincha International beginning in 2011. She helped facilitate Soul and Life Force Retrieval ritual being taught at Chamma Ling Retreat Center in Crestone, CO which culminated in a second two year certification in 2018.


Her studies of energy and energy healing continue in the Bön lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. She has completed annual retreats with Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche for more than 15 years. Susan has attended many retreat teachings with luminaries in Buddhism including HH Lungtok Dawa Dhargye, the 34th Menri Trizin, Khenpo Tenpa YungDrung Rinpoche, Geshe Denma Gyaltsen, Geshe Chapur Rinpoche, Geshe Nyima Kunchap, Geshe YongDong and Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. She utilizes the practices has learned on a daily basis.  


Concurrent with her energy healing studies and practice Susan began an in depth exploration of yoga. She completed Richard Freeman’s first Teacher Training in 1999~and many more, and subsequently taught for his trainings for many years. She continued her studies with Richard and teachers from other lineages for another decade.

Susan finds that her energy healing and meditation practices are supported and enhanced by being active and in nature. Daily meditation practice cultivates spaciousness, centeredness and connectivity needed to meet the complexity and subtlety of working with the energy realm.  Being outside in nature replenishes and balances the energy elements. “These practices and activities build a stronger energy container so that I can move through energy healing with curiosity and openness. Energy healing can be very challenging in both subtlety and intensity. The more I am present with the energies the more effective I can be as a healer”.


Prior to her work with healing and yoga Susan was a professional illustrator and designer with a BFA degree. More recently she has integrated these two careers illustrating human energy phenomenon for Tibetan lamas to use in teachings and for Richard Freeman's 2010 book The Mirror of Yoga. Susan is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, has a diploma in Brennan Healing Science and is among the first 15 laypeople to be certified to perform Soul and Life Force Retrieval ritual in the Bön lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. She has a private healing practice in Boulder and teaches Reiki in workshops and apprenticeships. She has been a guest instructor for the Urban Zen Integrative Therapist program in New York. She recently completed a pilot study for Reiki with participants at a health center in Lakewood, CO. She teaches Reiki to clinical staff, currently working with Boulder Community Health. Susan teaches energy anatomy for Yoga Teacher Trainings internationally. 

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