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What’s in a Reiki Session?

The nature of the session is influenced by the Reiki practitioner’s own unique relationship with energy and energy healing. This can include clearing and charging chakras, channels and the aura. Guidance and information from past lifes, psychic knowing, karmic information and more may be involved. A Reiki session can include crystals, singing bowls and harmonics, essential oils and more.


Healing with Reiki

Reiki works on our energy. Think of energy as the precursor or template for everything that we are. Each physical aspect of the body presents as energy, as do our emotions, thoughts and spirituality. A skillful Reiki practitioner can tell if the energy of the body is clear, organized, vibrant and flowing. They can also sense blockage, disorganization, depletion and stuck energy. They will allow Reiki energy to inform the areas that are out of balance enabling return to their optimum expression. 


For the recipient the disruptions in their energy can manifest in a vast array of symptoms that can be physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. When the energy returns to its optimum state the troublesome symptoms are alleviated. Though it may be easier to understand working with our energy by separating it into these categories, it is more accurately and synergistically interrelated. 


In more traditional language used in the western medicine model, Reiki allows the autonomic nervous system to express in a parasympathetic state. This is the state of relaxation where healing occurs, and is commonly referred to as the rest and digest state. The most common experience that recipients share about Reiki is of feeling calm, rested, peaceful and less stressed.

Chakra Healing

Working with the Chakra system is part of every Reiki session. While a chakra reading can be interesting, actually working with the energy that is a chakra in a healing session to clear, balance, connect, restore and charge them is transformational. Keep in mind that though chakras can have chronic presentations that are not healthy, they are pure energy and capable of dynamic change.

In human energy a chakra is, ideally, a spinning vortex that allows energy information to move in and out of the the energy field. Chakras keep us in connection and communication with everything and everyone in our environment. Chakras are capable of instantaneous, dynamic change and can therefore fall out of equilibrium easily. When our chakras are not functioning well we get out of harmony and balance. If our chakras stay out of balance we develop dis-ease. In a Reiki session an RCA Reiki healer can perceive which chakras are not functioning correctly and remedy the issues. Even chakras that have carried long standing dysfunction can be restored. And, while a Reiki Chakra Healing is listed here as a separate healing practice, it is part of every Reiki healing session. A skillful Reiki energy healer will work with chakras and all the other aspects of human energy as an integrated whole. ReikiColorado Academy Reiki Masters learn to perceive the unique energy of the chakras and address the myriad ways that they can get out of balance.

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Reiki Guidance

During a Reiki healing session your Reiki healer can both perceive your energy and receive guidance for your healing. If there are particular issues that you are struggling with it is possible to request guidance about the issues. During the course of the energy healing session your Reiki healer will interpret the energy that presents in relation to what you need guidance about. Additionally, a highly skillful Reiki healer can receive insight and information to support you in resolving what you need assistance with at that time.

Reiki Clairvoyance

According to Khenpo Tenpa YungDrung Rinpoche, abbot of Triten Norbutse Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, (pictured with Susan), Tibetan Bön Buddhist teachings describe clairvoyance as having six different types. The first five kinds of clairvoyance are related to the five senses and are not pure, while the sixth type is referred to as pure clairvoyance. The five sense related kinds of clairvoyance do not have wisdom. However, the sixth, pure clairvoyance is pure wisdom. Pure clairvoyance develops when energy and the mind enter the three main channels in the body. In particular, when energy and mind enter the central channel.
A foundational part of Reiki Master training at ReikiColorado Academy includes learning daily practices to clear obstructive energy in the chakras and energy channels.


Past Life Regression

A Reiki healing does not always include details about past lives. This information is useful when it informs the healing process. Much like a psychic reading, a past life regression without the support of healing may not be a useful or positive experience. A highly trained Reiki healer can perceive enough details of previous incarnations or previous lifetimes to provide insight into the issues of the present moment. Handled skillfully, karmic information or past life regression can be the key to healing.

Reiki Psychic Reading

The main difference between a psychic reading and a Reiki Psychic Reading is the the first is specifically and only about getting information. The latter while also about gathering information is about using it to inform  healing. A highly trained Reiki healer can both perceive information and use it to actively address the client's healing process. There can be an entertainment aspect to accessing extraordinary information. However, this kind of information and ability should be treated with respect. I have worked with clients who have been emotionally injured by having a psychic reading without the opportunity to receive healing around the information that revealed. 

ReikiColorado Academy Reiki Masters follow the strictest guidelines to protect client confidentiality. Working with integrity, respect and a highly tuned moral compass are necessary for all RCA graduates.

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