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RCA Students & Alumni

Reiki is for everyone. Who wouldn’t benefit by strengthening their ability to heal and to be able to offer that resource to another? That said, not everyone will have the calling to deepen their experience of energy healing past Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II. Students who continue through the ReikiColorado Academy Reiki Master training possess a profound desire to help, care, heal and create a positive difference. They do this through their own voice and unique interests.

Sharayah Beecham

ReikiColorado Reiki Master Certification September 10, 2022


RCA Instructor


Sol integrative Healing

Fort Collins, CO

Reiki & focus on mental emotional and physical health


ReikiColorado Reiki Master Certification October 27, 2018

Sound Mind and Body

Fort Collins, CO

Reiki & Harmonic Egg sound and light chamber, Bio Field tuning and Healing Touch


ReikiColorado Reiki Master Certification January 4, 2020

RCA Instructor

Reiki Practitioner

Boulder, CO

Reiki & essential oils, crystals and Coordinator for staff Reiki at BCH hospital


ReikiColorado Reiki Master Certification November 2019

RCA Instructor

Reiki Practitioner

Golden, CO

Reiki & Intuitive, crystals, singing bowls, essential oils

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