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Reiki Level 1

Learn Reiki - During this 12 hour weekend training you will learn to sense energy and perform a basic Reiki session. Classes are taught by Susan with the support of ReikiColorado Reiki Master Teachers. Tuition includes a Reiki I Manual, unlimited access to teaching videos that cover what we learn in class, four Reiki I attunements and a certificate of completion.

Upcoming Reiki I Trainings

Classes will be held on the BCH hospital campus in Boulder, Colorado

April 20 - 21, 2024

Reiki I Training

$450 per person

$100 deposit required. Class size is limited. 

April 20 - 21, 2024

Reiki I Training

$450 per person

$100 deposit required. Class size is limited. 

June 8 - 9, 2024

Reiki I Training

$450 per person

$100 deposit required. Class size is limited. 

Is Reiki for you?

Short Answer: Yes, Reiki is for everyone!

Long-ish Answer: Most young children can naturally do Reiki with little instruction. Clinical trials have established that even those with skepticism can effectively do energy healing with minimal training. For people who are sensitive and feel affected by things that others don’t even seem to notice, learning Reiki can turn your intuition into your greatest strength. Not sensitive? No problem. When you practice Reiki you allow healing energy to move through you, even if you don’t pick up the details it still works.

Reiki I Class, Jan 2023.jpeg

Reiki is Growing

 Reiki, as an energy healing practice, has been used for more than 



Susan Chiocchi has been practicing and teaching Reiki for



Reiki is now being included in both patient and staff care at prestigious hospitals across the country

ReikiColorado Academy is a WCSI endorsed institute that has been focused exclusively on teaching Reiki for
over 22 years


What you’ll learn in Reiki I

During a Reiki Level I weekend training you will learn to sense energy and begin to fine tune your own unique high sense perceptions. You will learn to do a basic healing session for yourself and others. There will be ample time to practice and to receive individualized support from RCA Reiki Master Teachers. Part of the training will be attuning your energy to the very high vibration of life force energy that we access in healing. Once you are attuned to Reiki healing energy all you need to do is call on it.

Reiki I & II Package

Reiki I Training
April 20 - 21, 2024, Saturday & Sunday


Reiki II Training
July 20 - 21, 2024 Saturday & Sunday

Tuition is $895 (a $50 discount)
$150 deposit is required to register for Reiki I & II combo. Discount is applied to Reiki II tuition.

Class size is limited


What our students are saying

“Susan was so approachable, and the teaching so easy to follow and thorough... It's incredibly impressive all she has accomplished and how gracious she is to share it with us."

~ RCA Graduate

One of the best things about Susan is that she is just a normal gal who is also a Reiki guru... it makes it so much easier to digest.. She clearly has spent a lifetime studying this craft.

~ RCA Graduate

“Just listening and talking with Susan, my mentor, Laurie and the other Reiki Masters... ... I felt at home and peaceful. I finally found a safe place to be completely myself...”

~ RCA Graduate

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