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Reiki FAQs

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Do you have a reschedule and cancellation policy?

Yes, please allow 24 hour notice by phone or email if you need to change your appointment.

Is one session enough to really help?



Deeper, longer-held imbalances may take multiple sessions.


Do I need to have special abilities to learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn to practice Reiki.


Most young children can naturally do Reiki with little instruction. Clinical trials have established that even those with skepticism can effectively heal with minimal training.

All that is truly required is an open heart.

Can I do Reiki on myself?

Yes, many people believe that the essential purpose of Reiki level I is just that, self practice. The more you develop your own relationship with self practice the more it becomes part of your daily self care routine. When the bumps along your life path appear, being grounded in a familiar Reiki self practice is a tremendous benefit.

Can I learn Reiki over the Internet?

Unique to Reiki as an energy healing modality is the Attunement process, during which the energy represented by Reiki symbols is passed from teacher to student. Reiki Attunements facilitate the opening and expanding of energy channels and chakras enhancing the students ability to channel healing energy. 


According to Geshe Denma Gyaltsen, Director of Ligmincha Texas in Houston, it is, indeed, possible for a student to receive attunement live remotely

Why are attunements so important?

Attunements initiate the student into the healing lineage of Reiki Masters. All Reiki practitioners can trace their lineage back to the founder of modern day Reiki. An older lineage of healing practitioners must be considered as Bön practices from Tibet continue to grow in the west. Modern day Bön Lamas and monks trace their tradition of healing practices in an uninterrupted lineage for 18,000 years. 

Is the practice of Reiki in conflict with my religion?

Reiki is non-denominational.


It is intentionally spacious enough to include all religions and belief systems.


As we learn and practice Reiki we develop our own unique vantage point and expression with healing energy that can include your religious beliefs and practice.

Is Reiki certified by any official governing body?

At this time in the USA, each state has its own requirements about registration and certification for Reiki practitioners. There is not an official governing organization and Reiki trainings can very immensely. For additional information visit ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals)

Is being a Reiki practitioner the same as being psychic or a medium?

Reiki is a healing form. While many practitioners of Reiki find that their sensitivity and awareness increases over time and they develop abilities that could be considered psychic or medium, these abilities alone are not healing. Additionally, the practice of Reiki is a spiritual pursuit and requires impeccable integrity. The practice of mediumship and psychic ability does not necessarily share that clarity of purpose.

How long does it take to complete all three levels of Reiki?

Most Reiki Masters who train students agree that the optimum timing is: Receive Reiki I training and practice for 6 weeks to 6 months then receive Reiki II training. If the impetus to continue is present upon completing Reiki II, Reiki III training may begin right away. A Reiki III apprenticeship continues over the course of a year. So the general minimum time for all three levels of training is one and a half to two years.

Do I need to do anything prior to a Reiki healing session as preparation?

Once you plan to make an appointment to receive Reiki, you have already acknowledged an intention about your own healing. It can be helpful to reflect about what you would like to work on in a session. You will be lying down to receive the energy work, so if eating right before lying down may be uncomfortable, time your meal accordingly. Please refrain from using perfume or scented toiletries and wear comfortable clothes.

What if I am not sure if I believe in Reiki, will it still work?

Yes. Most people new to Reiki are pleasantly surprised at how much they notice energy phenomenon during a session. The validation of energy sensation that can accompany the work - both during and post a session, helps us to be receptive to changes occurring. Change doesn’t have to be full of effort. Sometimes it’s about getting out of our own way. If you are not accustomed to noticing sensation on an energetic level receiving energy healing can be an enjoyable way to open up your perceptions.

What can I do during a Reiki session to make it more effective?

Be open. As hard as it may be to accept, we are often more attached to our ego identity than to being well. Meaning, that if some belief of who we think we are is causing us pain, we will choose to continue believing we exist - with the associated pain, rather than to release our belief - and the associated pain. Why would anyone do something so foolish you may wonder? Fear of nonexistence.

Is there anything that I should do after receiving Reiki?

I recommend water.


Drink more water and get in water~ Shower, bath, hot tub, swimming pool etc.


Energy that is set in motion during session will continue to organize.


That may mean that energy debris is sloughing out of your field. Water will help facilitate that process.

How many sessions will it take to address my needs?

This can vary considerably.

Generally I recommend doing three sessions over the course of 3 to 4 weeks in order to both clear and integrate what is set in motion in an initial session. This schedule is often enough to learn how you integrate new energy paradigms so that you can make informed decisions about when and how Reiki is needed. That said, everyone is amazingly unique and, of course, life is not evenly paced. I have clients that I see on a weekly basis when there are a lot of changes in their lives, and clients that I see occasionally on an as needed basis.

Does doing a Reiki training change how I would experience a Reiki session?



The connection to healing energy is greatly amplified.


Energy is stronger, builds more quickly and integrates in the recipient’s field more deeply.

Can a distance session be done using the internet?



It works very similarly to an in person session. First we schedule a time for the session. After a brief consult of what the client would like to work on, they get comfortable in a reclining position. While connected through audio and video the Reiki practitioner works and  gives real time feedback about what is happening energetically as the session proceeds. 

Reiki has been around longer than the internet. How is distance Reiki done traditionally?

Like prayer, energy healing is not impeded by space and time. Traditionally, I have done distance sessions first thing in the morning with my meditation practice. Most people notice the effect of the distance work after a nights sleep. Some people like to set an intention to receive the benefit of long distance healing prior to going to bed at night. Think of having emails held by the server and receiving them when you press the download button. 

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