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Reiki Master Certification

Reiki Level III or Reiki Master training is taught as an apprenticeship. You will work with Susan and ReikiColorado Reiki Masters in intensives and tutorials of the course of a year or more. Advanced practices for clearing and balancing your own energy body, working with the energy of chakras, channels, aura, relationship cords, karma, transition and more will be taught. For most Reiki students this will be a time of accelerated and profound transformation.

Reiki Master Training begins
fall 2024


If you are an RCA graduate of Reiki I and Reiki II you may register for Reiki Master Training without the application process

$100 deposit required. Class size is limited. 

Reiki Master

The ReikiColorado Reiki Master training is a transpersonal journey. In your assimilation of healing skills you go beyond the individual view of self and the usual limits of ego and personality. This is not a casual excursion, but a voyage into the deeper mystery of being human. As a Reiki practitioner you are a channel or conduit for Universal Life Force energy - expansive energy that moves through you when you practice Reiki.


What RCA Masters are saying

I not only gained a trusted community, but also techniques that led to personal and professional growth. Susan does an outstanding job of guiding students into expansive topics while offering a safe space to learn and share.

~ RCA Master Graduate

Susan is not only a powerful healer and an excellent teacher, but she creates a beautiful community of people who are committed to conscious living. I knew I wanted to learn Reiki, but did not expect how much the training would lead to my own self-awareness, personal growth and development.

~ RCA Master Graduate

Susan is a total pro, she’s relatable and a very powerful healer and teacher. Unlike several Reiki Master training offerings that may be over a week or weekend,  this year-long program is the real deal - you won’t be disappointed.

~ RCA Master Graduate

A row of Buddha images in a temple

Third level Reiki is taught as an apprenticeship. Students work with a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in intensives and tutorials over the course of a year or more. Prior to the beginning of the apprenticeship students go through a preparatory process of cleansing their body and energy system. Daily self Reiki practice along with meditation, and time spent in nature are recommended. It is not simply about the quantity of time invested, but more about creating a new routine~think of flossing. It doesn’t take long, but is very important to do regularly for dental health. How you work with this time is unique to you. For some, the challenge may not be in the effort, but in yielding, surrender and letting go.

Reiki Master students will meet for once a month tutorials for 3-4 hours. Twelve tutorials will be scheduled over the course of a year, you will need to participate in at least 10 of the tutorials. Outside of class you are encouraged to connect with classmates to practice. There will be a list of recommended reading, audio and video timed to coincide with the energy and healing skills we are addressing in class. Some homework in the form of session write-ups may be required in order to build a bridge between verbal and non-verbal reading of energy. In-between our monthly tutorials we will have a scheduled conference calls to check in with progress and create a forum for questions, concerns and sharing of our experiences.

Reiki Level III includes two Reiki Master attunements. Students will learn how to transmit formal Reiki attunements for all three levels of Reiki.

Traditionally, students are required to assist teaching at least one Reiki I and Reiki II workshop.

During the training you will build your own Reiki Master manual. You can customize it according to your unique vantage point, gifts and abilities. At our monthly classes you will receive exclusive materials to build you manual.
The cost of the year long training is $3240 and is payable in four quarterly installments of $810. Payments are by cash, check, Venmo, Visa, MasterCard or American Express and PayPal. Payments are due at the beginning of each quarter of training. Or, a monthly installment plan can be used.


Reiki Master
Commitment & Curriculum

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