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Reiki Master

Philosophy of Reiki Healing

As Reiki practitioners we are channels or conduits for Universal Life Force. Our responsibility is to do our personal work so that we may be as clear of a channel as possible. Methods for facilitating our own evolutionary process do not have to take a specific form. And, in fact, the nature of Reiki is intentionally spacious so that we can work with techniques that are relevant and fresh to us as individuals, and to our current culture. There are some established forms that have stood the test of time, including meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer and connecting with nature.

In your role as a teacher of Reiki be clear about what is traditionally from the Usui System of Natural Spiritual Healing, Reiki, and what has been gleaned from other sources. Reiki, as well as other eastern lineages of teaching, did not have manuals or certificates. Much of the wisdom from eastern mystical practices was passed along verbally and in the form of chanting long before it was committed to writing. It is said that when Mrs. Takata was teaching she did not have a manual and did not write down her process or symbols. After her death in 1980 her students came up with at least 24 variations in the attunement process that Mrs. Takata used. The message being that, as teachers, we constantly aspire to be in the present as an open channel and receptive to guidance.

Working with clients and students is potentially a powerful, transformative process (for the Reiki practitioner as well!). Everything that you can do to cultivate compassion and non-judgement within your own awareness will support both you and who you are working with. This is not a pursuit that is limited to the session room and the classroom, but becomes part of your being twenty-four, seven. Make sure that you have sources of support. A personal meditation practice, spiritual teacher, energy healing practitioner, bodyworker, psychotherapist, supervision groups, sharing with other Reiki practitioners and Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual groups (sangha), family and friends. You won’t always need help, but, good to have the system of support in place for when you do...and you will. That does not make you less of a healer or a teacher. It is an indication that you are also actively moving along your own path. With the commencement to study Reiki III you are acknowledging an acceptance to share Reiki with others. Reiki Master Teacher is a commitment to practice and teach in any and whatever way possible works best for you.



Third level Reiki is taught as an apprenticeship. Students work with a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in intensives and tutorials over the course of a year or more. A powerful, yet flexible energy crucible supporting each student in their unique assimilation of Reiki is created and maintained for the duration of the training. For most Reiki students this will be a time of accelerated and profound transformation.


Prior to the apprenticeship students go through a preparatory process of cleansing their body and energy system.  Daily self Reiki practice along with meditation, yoga and time spent in nature are recommended. Of course, in busy modern lives this can sound like a lot. It is not simply about the quantity of time invested, but more about creating a new routine~think of flossing. It doesn’t take very long, but is very important to do regularly for dental health. Attention to your energy body can be thought of as flossing the energy channels. The commitment is to yourself to awaken and it will be for the rest of your life. During this window of time, in Reiki III training, the process will be accelerated. How you work with this time is unique to you. For some, the challenge may not be in the effort, but in yielding, surrender and letting go. Can you allow yourself opportunity for spiritual growth? Can you relax, enjoy the ride and even notice the scenery along the way? Remember the watchword in Reiki is to allow.


We will meet once a month for 3-4 hours at agreed upon dates and times. Twelve tutorials will be scheduled over the course of a year, you will need to participate in at least 10 of the tutorials during that time. Outside of class you are encouraged to connect with classmates to practice. There will be a list of recommended reading, audio and video timed to coincide with the energy and healing skills we are addressing in class. Some homework in the form of session write-ups may be required in order to build a bridge between verbal and non-verbal reading of energy. During the time in-between our monthly tutorials we will have a scheduled conference call to check in with progress and create a forum for questions, concerns and sharing of our experiences. 


Reiki Level III includes two Reiki Master attunements. Students will learn how to transmit formal Reiki attunements for all three levels of Reiki. The fourth and final sacred Reiki symbol and its uses will be taught. We will practice together, learn new skills and share in our experiences. Most students find that the techniques that we learn together become a part of their regular practice for the rest of their lives.


There are additional opportunities during your year of apprenticeship. As part of the training you may assist teaching a Reiki I and Reiki II workshop. Reiki Master trainees have assisted with teaching Reiki and giving Reiki attunements in trainings with Hospital staff. We also worked with a Health Center for a nonprofit organization providing Reiki to participants. After receiving positive outcomes in a Pilot Study for Reiki, Reiki Master students applied to accrue clinical hours at the Center.


During the training you will build your own Reiki Master manual. You can customize it according to your unique vantage point, gifts and abilities. At our monthly classes you will receive handouts covering the techniques and skills we will be working on. These will be collected in your three ring binder so that you can add and alter information.


You will receive two attunements during Reiki Master training. One at the beginning of the training and one at the completion.


The cost of the year long training is $2700 and is payable in four quarterly installments of $675. Payments are by cash, check, Venmo, Visa, MasterCard or American Express and PayPal. Payments are due at the beginning of each quarter of training. Or, a monthly installment plan can be used.


At the completion of Reiki III training you will be certified as a Reiki Master Teacher.


My intention is to facilitate your own very personal experience with Reiki and energy healing. I am happy to address your individual questions and needs.

Prerequisite Reiki I & Reiki II

Reiki III Training: Transformational Journey 

Reiki Master Apprenticeship

Begins May 21

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