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Tibetan Prayer Flags

As Reiki practitioners we are channels or conduits for Universal Life Force. Our responsibility is to do our personal work so that we may be as clear of a channel as possible. Methods for facilitating our own evolutionary process are an integral part of the ReikiColorado Reiki Master program. Susan includes essential knowledge, practices and in depth understanding from her extensive studies of energy, energy healing and spirituality from many traditions. 

The nature of Reiki is intentionally spacious so that we can work with techniques that are relevant to us as individuals, and to our current culture. By keeping the teaching fresh and genuine we have an authentic experience. By contrast, when we are working only with dogma and concepts we loose the immeasurable connection to an embodied understanding.

Reiki, as well as other eastern lineages of teaching, did not have manuals or certificates. Much of the wisdom from eastern mystical practices was passed along verbally and in the form of chanting long before it was committed to writing. It is said that when Mrs. Takata, an influential Reiki Master who taught in the US, instructed she did not have a manual and did not write down her process or symbols. After her death in 1980 her students compiled their class notes and came up with at least 24 variations in the attunement process that Mrs. Takata used. The message being that rather than loosing the essence of the teachings in a form we constantly aspire to be in the present as an open channel and receptive to guidance.

Make sure that you have sources of support. A personal meditation practice, spiritual teacher, energy healing practitioner, bodyworker, psychotherapist, supervision groups, sharing with other Reiki practitioners and Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual groups (sangha), family and friends. You won’t always need help, but, good to have the system of support in place for when you do...and you will. That does not make you less of a healer or a teacher. It is an indication that you are also actively moving along your own developmental path. With the commencement to study Reiki III you are acknowledging an acceptance to share Reiki with others. Reiki Master Teacher is a commitment to practice and teach in whatever way works best for you. Teaching in its purest form is to simply embody the essence of a Reiki practice.

During your Reiki Master apprenticeship you will have the guidance of experienced ReikiColorado Reiki Masters as well as the support from colleagues in your apprenticeship class. Monthly Peer Support and Supervision meetings will be a part of this support system

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