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What to Expect form a Reiki Session at RCA

First, lets start with some basics 

Reiki Guidance

According to Khenpo Tenpa YungDrung Rinpoche, abbot of Triten Norbutse Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal, (pictured above with Susan), Tibetan Bön Buddhist teachings describe clairvoyance as having six different types. The first five kinds of clairvoyance are related to the five senses and are not pure, while the sixth type is referred to as pure clairvoyance. The five sense related kinds of clairvoyance do not have wisdom. However, the sixth, pure clairvoyance is pure wisdom. Pure clairvoyance develops when energy and the mind enter the three main channels in the body. In particular, when energy and mind enter the central channel.


A foundational part of Reiki Master training at ReikiColorado includes learning daily practices to clear the obstructive energy of the chakras and energy channels

Past Life Regression

In a tutorial with Barbara Brennan at her healing school many years ago, she asked our entire class, some 200 people, if any of us had received a past life regression. Virtually everyone raised their hand. She then asked if the information had been useful. No one raised their hand! She nodded knowingly and continued. “How many people are able to access past lives for themselves?” Only a handful of us raised our hands. When she asked if the information had been helpful we all responded decisively, yes. A lively discussion ensued. Those who had received a past life reading without the benefit of healing said that the information felt disconnected and out of context. It was so unconvincing that they felt like the person giving the reading was making it up. Those of us who had accessed our own information had done so in the context of a deep healing journey. The information was visceral and ultimately a catalyst for profound healing. That real, embodied quality of accessing past life information can be done in the context of a Reiki healing session by a skillful Reiki Healer. The ReikiColorado Academy Level III program includes teaching and practices for developing this exceptional ability. 


*It is said, in Tibetan Buddhist texts, that only a fully enlightened being can have access to all karmic causes and effects

Psychic Reading

Everything that happens in an Reiki energy healing session is confidential. While predictions can be tricky, a skillful Reiki healer can clearly read what is present in your energy field in the moment. If your healer has access to what you may consider secret, private, repressed or unknown to you, know that most healers get into this kind of work because they already have a bias to perceiving that type of information. Their ability to read of your energy is not so different than their ability to read whomever they are in contact with. Though it may seem remarkable to you, it is their normal way of being in the world. Many healers went through a phase in their lives trying to shut this excessive information out. They become healers when they choose to do something useful with it. Within the scope of a Reiki healing, the information and energy Reiki healers work with can only be used for their client’s highest good. This is the foundation of Reiki practice.


ReikiColorado Academy Reiki Masters follow the strictest ethical guidelines to protect client confidentiality. Working with integrity, respect and a highly tuned moral compass are necessary for all RCA graduates

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